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Ahvaz is situated on the banks of the Karoun River, which splits the city into two large districts


Ahvaz is a city in Khuzestan Province in South Western Iran.

Ahvaz is situated on the banks of the Karoun River, which splits the city into two large districts. The western half is mostly housing with some government departments. The eastern half is both residential and Industrial. The main train station is on the western side and the airport is on the eastern side.
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There are daily flights to Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz. There are weekly flights to Dubai-Kuwait City-Mashad. Airlines serving Ahvaz airport are Iran Air-Caspian Airlines-Mahan Airlines-Eran Air-Aria Air-Iran Air Tours-Iran Asseman Airlines.
By train

There are daily trains to Tehran-Khorramshahr and Bandar Imam Khomeini. Ahvaz is the major junction for trains heading from the southern ports to Tehran, and from Tehran you can change trains and go further to Mashad or Tabriz. There are 3 daily trains to Tehran.
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There are daily busses to many destinations in Iran 1.Ahvaz-Tehran- 2.-Ahvaz-Isfahan 3.Ahvaz-Shiraz- 4.Ahvaz-Mashad- 5.Ahvaz-Khorramabad. The main bus station is located in Kampelo for busses headed north(ie:Tehran)--- For busses headed east(Isfahan and Shiraz-Masjed Suleiman) the station is at 4 Lions Square--- South bound busses leave from Khorramshahr Square.
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Taxis roam around the city 24 hours a day and are relatively inexpensive. Around 2000 tomans for the longest trip in the city. There are also taxi agencies everywhere, if you can't find one on your own, all the hotels have taxi agencies. Busses ply most innercity routes and are very cheap.

Being a oil business oriented city, there are not alot of interesting places to see in Ahvaz. Most people go to Kianpars street at night and stroll amongs the shops. You could visit the old and hectic bazaar area(Taleqani Street). The best places in Ahvaz are situated alongside the river. The river boulevard is a nice place to stroll and has many parks. One of the attractions of Ahvaz is the oil well flares situated on the border of the city, but it's only nice at night time.

Chamran (Ahvaz) University--Azad University with 3 Campuses--National Iranian Oil Company University

All the Ahvaz neighborhoods have a local market place, the upscale shops are mostly situated alongside Chamran Blvd.(Kianpars), Zeitoon Karmandi (Cheetah Square), and the main bazaar is on Taleqani Street.

There are many sandwich shops and fast food shops in the city. Most are average.

Oxin Hotel Restaurant- Try the Shir Mahi(Fish) Kebabs and they also serve great Meat Kebabs. They have specials that change daily, my favorite is the Shrimp.

Athena Pizza in Kianpars serves excellent deep dish pizzas.

Astoria Hotel Restaurant-Expensive and below average food.

You cannot legally find alcohol in Iran so your drinking is limited to soft drinks and fruit juice. There are many good fruit juice shops in Ahvaz and you will find them easily. In the summer stay away from Cantaloupe juice and Banana milk shakes.

There are many mehmansara (Guest House) in Ahvaz. Most don't admit foreigners and the ones that do are not up to foreign standards. But they are inexpensive. Naderi Hotel is a decent one.

Oxin Hotel is near the airport and is moderately priced. It has an excellent restaurant and the rooms are clean and they have great air conditioning. They also have large screen televisions in the lobby and mostly show football games. They speak very good English and can help you arrange any kind of tour or transport.

Fajr (Former Astoria) Hotel is the best hotel in the city. It is situated by the riverside and has great views but it's expensive.
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